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“At Prestige Perfusion, our mission is to be America’s most trusted and beloved perfusionist-led provider of cardiovascular perfusion staffing and solutions. We are dedicated to the highest quality of patient care with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit. We believe in employing great perfusionists and technicians and compensating them appropriately. As such, they are representative of our company well and give our clients the best possible results.”

What does Prestige Perfusion offer?

Full-Time Staffing Prestige Perfusion
Full-Time Staffing Services Services

If you are a hospital looking for world class perfusionists to complete your team for open surgery or ECMO management, then look no further. We at Prestige Perfusion know the importance of staffing the very best, because we are Perfusionists ourselves. You don't want to worry about perfusion in the operating room, so why worry about finding the best candidate for the job.

If you are a Perfusionist looking for permanent placement, we want to help you find your medical family. At Prestige Perfusion, we will give you the same care that you award to patients. With staffing abilities in all 50 states, let us find the right position for you.

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Short-Term Staffing Prestige Perfusion
Short-Term Staffing Services Services

Just because a position isn't permanent does not mean that it isn't important. If you are a hospital or clinic in need of a short-term or temporary perfusionist for operating room or ECMO management, we can help. With the ability to staff in all 50 states, Prestige Perfusion will find you the best candidate to fulfill your perfusion needs.

If you are a Perfusionist looking for short-term or temporary placement, we want to find the right job for you.

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Capital Equipment Rentals and Sales Prestige Perfusion
Equipment Sales & Leasing Services

Whether you're looking to upgrade a piece of machinery or need a temporary solution, Prestige Perfusion offers state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill you and your facilities needs.

We carry devices from a variety of vendors such as Spectrum Medical, Livanova, Terumo, and others. Some of the devices we offer include Heart-Lung Machines, Ventricular Assist Devices, Heater-Cooler Devices, Point of Care Testing Devices, Autotransfusion Devices, Platelet Gel Devices and others.

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Disposable Sales Prestige Perfusion
Disposable Sales Services

In addition to our Capital Sales and Rentals, Prestige Perfusion offers the disposables you need to properly maintain a sterile working environment.

We carry devices from a variety of vendors such as Medcitronic, Livanova, Terumo, and others. Some of the disposables we offer include: Open heart packs, Oxygenators, Reservoirs, Pumps, Tubing, Connectors, Autotransfusion Supplies. Contact us today for our full disposables list.

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Northwestern Medicine LogoChristopher Wurzer, CCP, LP Chief Perfusionist, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

“I needed urgent staffing for one of my satellite hospitals. I contacted John Haddle at Prestige Perfusion for immediate help. John was responsive, professional, offered competitive pricing and strong, experienced perfusionists to fill my open position.”


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If you are a Perfusionist looking for placement, a hospital or medical provider in need of a full-time or short-term Perfusionist, or need to lease/buy capital equipment and/or related disposables, please contact us today!

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